Pyjamarama Day

Today, we celebrated our love of reading by joining in with Pyjamarama Day. We read ‘Harry and the Dinosaurs First Sleepover’ before making our own special boxes like Harry has in the story. We drew and wrote about what we would take on a sleepover and shared stories that we enjoyed. In PE, we moved our bodies like dinosaurs. We visited the  Forest School to hunt for dinosaur fossils and to make up dinosaur adventure stories. When we came back, we turned some of our stories into a play for our friends to watch!

Dazzling Data!

As part of our Technology lessons, we have started to learn how computers sort data. Over the last two weeks, we have been finding different ways to sort our selves and all sorts of ‘data’ that was mixed up, by categorising the objects. Today, we started to learn how computers sort data using ‘yes’ and ‘no’. We acted out being data in a computer and sorted ourselves according to whether we could answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to Mrs Ball’s questions. Then we made up our own questions to ask!


Special Places

Today in RE, we continued our learning about special places. We quietly listened to the sounds of nature and talked about how they made us feel relaxed and happy. We learnt that lots of people have an outside place as their special place because it reminds them of how wonderful the world is that God made. Afterwards, we went outside to build our own special dens.


Perfect Palaeontologists!

As part of our learning about Understanding the World, we have been finding out when the dinosaurs were alive and what the world would have been like then. We made a timeline and decided where to put ourselves as babies, the Queen’s coronation, when people first started using cars and when Jesus was born (That was all the way across the playground on our line!) Then we tried to put the dinosaurs on our timeline and discovered that it would have to be so long that we wouldn’t be able to see the end of the line! We imagined what the world was like and described what we could see when we travelled back in time.

We read a book about Mary Anning who was a little girl when she found the first dinosaur fossil ever discovered and we explored examples of fossils. Then we made our own fossil replicas using clay. Finally, we explored how palaeontologists use what we know about animals today to suggest what dinosaurs might have looked like by thinking about where they live and how they could camouflage themselves. We also looked at what we can tell about dinosaurs by looking at their skeletons. The children were brilliant history detectives!

Mega Maths

We have continued our Maths learning by consolidating our counting to 20 and revisiting addition. We used our dinosaurs to help ‘act out’ Maths stories, before deciding how we could draw out the story and write the calculation. We have also looked at the concepts of length and weight, drawing and comparing dinosaur lengths and working independently to find the heaviest dinosaur!

Counting to 20

This half term, we are basing our learning around the theme of ‘Dinosaurs: Long ago and Far Away’. Our dinosaur friends have been helping us to consolidate and extend our knowledge of counting to 20 over the last two days! We have worked together to count out the dinosaurs, developed our fine motor skills by making and counting out the correct number of playdough spikes that they need and we have even practised counting and using coins in our dinosaur shop!