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Thursday 25th February

Today, we began our new unit about Easter. We explored a picture which displayed lots of Ester items and learnt that the real story of Easter is about Jesus’ death. We heard that even though someone dying is a very sad thing, the Easter story is actually a story about love and hope.We heard the story of ‘Guess how much I love you’ before creating a page for a class book in which we showed how much we love someone special to us.

Thursday 28th January

This week, we heard the story of Moses in the bull rushes. We talked about what we might do if we had found the baby. We learnt that all the stories in the Old Testament give us clues about what God is like and that this story shows us that he will look after us even when things are hard and that he has a plan. We then practised our design and making skills by creating pictures to represent the story. Some even had moving parts!

Wednesday 20th January

As part of our work on ‘The Stories Jesus Heard’, we listened to the story of Noah’s Ark. We talked about why God might have only asked Noah and his family to go onto the ark. Then we chose different ways to represent the story. Some of us painted or drew pictures, some made collages and others created a rainbow.

Thursday 14th January

In RE today, we shared some of our favourite stories and talked about how Jesus probably would have heard stories from the Old Testament in the Bible. We explored the Creation story and created artwork based on it.

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  1. Wow Reception! I really like the work you completed on Moses. You used fantastic cutting and sticking skills to create your pictures.

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