Home Learning: Expressive Arts and Design

Friday 26th February

As part of our new ‘Minibeasts’ work, we looked at the book ‘Swirl by Swirl’ which contains lots of illustrations of spirals found in nature. We noticed that snails’ shells are spirals and used this idea to create artwork using different materials.


Friday 12th February

Today, we looked at how the heart shape is a symbol of Valentine’s Day. We explored the work of the painter Kandinsky before creating our own Kandinsky-inspired Valentine’s Day artwork. We used our knowledge of colour mixing to make the colours we wanted to use.



Monday 8th February

In this lesson, we found out about submarines and imagined what it would be like to go on an underwater journey. We listened to the song  ‘Under the Sea’ and watched the video to spot lots of different types of marine life. After that, we created pieces of work based on an underwater adventure. Some of us chose to make drawings and paintings while others created a dance. Acer even made a film!

Tuesday 2nd February

Today, we made collages of our favourite vehicles. We had to think carefully about which shapes we wanted to use and used our cutting and sticking skills to complete our designs. We chose different materials like paper, wool, fabric and card to make different parts of our pictures. Great work, Reception!



Thursday 28th January

We continued our dance based on ‘Noah’s Ark’ today. We made movements up for different animals and danced into the ark! Can you guess some of our animals?

Thursday 21st January

Today, we worked hard to create a dance inspired by the story of Noah’s Ark. Most children sent videos to show their dances but here is Elliott with some of his moves! Well done, Reception!

Tuesday 19th January

We watched and listened to ‘The Train Ride’ by June Crebbin which tells the story of all the different views that can be seen from the window of a train as is travels past the countryside. Then we imagined what we would like to see from the window if we were on a train. We mixed red, blue and yellow paint to make the different colours that we needed!

Wednesday 13th January

This afternoon,we made models of vehicles using a range of construction materials. We thought about how we would join the parts together and used our Phonics to write registration plates!

Tuesday 12th January

As part of our theme of journeys, we have enjoyed listening to and joining in with songs about transport. We sang ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ Before making up words and actions for a new verse!

Wednesday 6th January

This term, our learning is based around the theme of journeys. We began this in Literacy, by exploring the story of Mr Gumby’s Outing. With our grownups at home, we talked about what happened and drew pictures of the characters which we labelled using our Phonics knowledge. After a zoom meeting where we heard another story about a journey, ‘The Snail on a Whale’, we were invited to draw and describe a journey of our own. It could a real one that we had actually been on, or an imaginary one. Here are some of the ones sent in so far.

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