Pirate Dancing

This week, we have been channelling our inner pirates and been making up pirate dances. We have conveyed pirate characters by using our upper bodies and facial expressions, used swishing motions to pretend to stash our swords and made actions for swabbing the deck, hoisting sails and mopping the ship!

Maths Day

We have had a fantastic Maths Day! We began the day by collecting the names of all the jobs we knew that involved Maths-there were a lot! We explored the language of capacity before listening to the story of The Magic Porridge Pot. Then we used our problem-solving skills and new vocabulary to work out which bowl of porridge belonged to which person. After that, we had lots of opportunities to deepen our understanding of capacity in and out of the classroom. At snack time, we practised using the new vocabulary by pouring each other a drink, according to how full our friend wanted their cup to be. This afternoon, we went to the Forest School and found consolidated our counting and ordering to 20 by finding different ways to represent the numbers. Well done, Reception!

Treasure Maps

This afternoon, several of the children asked if they could make treasure maps so they chose old paper and designed their maps, before using ribbon to tie them up. We will be building on their interest in maps to learn more about them in the coming weeks!

Magnet Magic

We have been exploring magnets and how we know that objects are magnetic. We found out that metallic objects are magnetic and used our Science skills to perform ‘magic tricks’ by putting magnets with the same polarity next to each other. In continuous provision, we hunted for metallic objects on our own!

Pirates Ahoy!

We have begun our work on this term’s theme, which is Pirates: Across and Under the Sea. So far, we have had lots of opportunities for role-play in our desert island and small world areas. We have started to think about halving using pirate dubloons in Maths and we have explored lots of new vocabulary to learn the different parts of pirate ships. Outside, some of use have designed and built our own pirate ships!

Shape and Space

In Maths, we have been developing our understanding of shape and spatial awareness. We have used a range of equipment to create and recreate patterns and pictures. This has enabled us to deepen our knowledge and understand that changing the orientation or direction of the shape doesn’t change what type of shape it is!

Dinosaur Jelly Instructions

Over the course of the week, we have been exploring how to write instructions. We made dinosaur jelly before exploring what kind of language is used in instructions and what they look like when they are written down. Then we got to eat it! We practised writing labels for the equipment we needed and used our Big Write session to write up our instructions. Great work, Reception!